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Maternity Underwear

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Another creature comfort and a necessity for mothers with back problems is a maternity belt. As your baby drops into positions for its grand entrance, you may feel an equally grand pressure in your pelvis area. You can alleviate some of the pain by slipping on a maternity belt. Glamorous they aren't, but they sure to help to relieve back, leg and abdominal pain. Plus, they can be worn discreetly under your clothing. Most maternity belts are straightforward as a piece of heavy duty elastic (2-4 inches wide and long enough to go around a pregnant woman) that goes around your back and over and under your belly to give support.

If you have underlying back problems before becoming pregnant or have developed a back problem early in the pregnancy then the Loving Comfort Maternity Support may be what you'll need. In 1986, a man by the name of Loren Working was sitting in an airplane when he noticed a pregnant woman in great discomfort. Loren, who designs orthopedic supports for the physical therapy industry, realized that the woman needed back support, the kind of support that wasn't available with standard belts which work through abdominal compression. He devised a comfortable support with lift under the abdomen, transferring the weight of the load to the spine. The belt velcros into place easily, supporting the abdomen, reducing pressure at the pelvis, and improving circulation in the legs and relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. It gently compresses the pelvic ring to reduce pain. Made of webbing and mesh, to let air circulate, the support belt cannot be seen under most clothing and adjusts as your body grows and changes. Most women, who find the last months of pregnancy uncomfortable, feel immediate relief when they use this belt.

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