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Maternity Clothes

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  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! When you're wearing the same dress for the third time in a week, don't be discouraged. Soften it with a scarf or or tie a cardigan on for instant fashion. Spark it up with great jewelry. It may be the same basic dress but by using accessories it can look different every time you wear it.

  • Splurge a little! Even if the budget doesn't allow for a completely new wardrobe, invest in one outfit that will make you feel special and wear it as often as you can, while you can. For a psychological boost, spread your purchases over the length of the pregnancy so you'll have something new every couple of months.

  • Accentuate the positive. Got great legs? Show them off in short skirts and shorts. Are you proud of your new cleavage? Show it off in low-cut tops that flatter. Bellies look better in soft tunics with a fitted bodice that plays up still-petite shoulders and arms. Don't hide your pride in being pregnant, play it up.

  • Buy pieces that mix and match with each other.

  • Choose fabrics that span the seasons such as cotton, denim, khaki and rayon.

The kind of maternity clothes you buy depends on when you are pregnant as well as your lifestyle. Here are some suggestions:

  • 1-2 dressy dresses

  • 1-2 jumpers/sun dresses (depending on season)

  • 2-3 pairs of casual pants, including one pair of blue jeans

  • 1 pair of dressy pants

  • 5-7 shirts/sweaters/tops/tunics

  • 1 sweat suit (depending on season)

  • 1 cardigan, jacket or coat (depending on season)

  • Maternity or bikini panties

  • 2 maternity bras

  • Queen-size or maternity stockings

  • Comfortable, low-heel shoes (casual and dressy)

  • Women who are pregnant in summer may also want 2-3 pairs of shorts and a bathing suit

There are plenty of maternity boutiques, catalogs and on-line maternity stores to help you find the right maternity clothes to fit your style. Most department stores and even discount stores have entire sections devoted to the clothing needs of pregnant women.

With careful shopping, you can breeze through the whole nine months in style and comfort. No matter what you do for fashion during pregnancy, enjoy the choices you have today, and be proud of your figure because being pregnant is beautiful.

For more information:

Maternity & Style - The weekly maternity magazine for the latest in pregnancy fashion and style.

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