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First Days After Birth

  • Take care of yourself, soothing your genital tissues with topical medications according to your doctor's instructions, bathing away your hemorrhoids, taking care of your incision if you had a c-section, sleeping when your baby sleeps, and getting plenty of nutritious meals and fluids. You may be sore and achy, and if you've had a cesarean, you'll need to be especially careful and limit housework, stair climbing, driving, and lifting anything heavier than your baby.

  • If you need to, nap or get bill paying or house cleaning done when folks drop by to gawk at your beautiful baby. It's free babysitting!

  • Fall in love. This is your most important job in your baby's first days. You and your baby will both be trying to get to know each other, to learn each other's cues, preferences, smells and sounds. Enjoy your mother-child courtship. You're building a relationship that will last the rest of your life.

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