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Diaper Changing Essentials

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The Diaper Genie has a wide mouth that lets you slip diapers through to a self-contained bag that you seal off after each disposal. In seconds, the Genie compacts a soiled disposable diaper, wrapping it in a strong layer of scented plastic film. You just insert the diaper into the Diaper Genie, give the lid a twist, and the diaper is sealed and stored in the container base.

Now that you’ve taken care of diaper disposal, here are a few other accessories to make diaper duty safer and more enjoyable: The Diaper Holder by BabySmart is simple in design but essential for baby's safety during diaper changes. This space-saving diaper holder stores diapers in a clear plastic rack so a fresh diaper is always within reach. It clips on to edge of changing table, allowing you to keep one hand securely on your baby during diaper changes.

The next item is more of a creature comfort. The Wipes Warmer, manufactured by Prince Lionheart, keeps wipes toasty warm for your baby. Simply lift the lid, drop in a stack of wipes, and the warmer will heat the wipes to an adjustable, bottom-friendly temperature.

Diapering on the go is made easy with the Fold & Go Changing Kit — perfect for tucking into your purse on a trip to the park or a day of shopping. Two foldout pockets hold diapers and a reusable case for wipes. And there's room to tuck a few small items such as an extra T-shirt or diaper ointment into each pocket. The kit has a sturdy moisture-resistant changing surface and is a snap to clean. A convenient carrying handle will allow you to snap it onto the stroller for easy transport.

The Portable Changing Pad by J.L. Childress ensures germ-free diaper changes whenever you take your baby out in public and is a favorite of dads because it's small enough to fit in his back pocket. It’s fully padded and waterproof and the soft vinyl is gentle on baby's little bottom. The pad opens up to a generous 19 x 14 inches and you can attach diapers or wipes with a clinch strap.

Whether you choose cloth or disposable, high-tech accessories or just the basics, diaper changing time is a great opportunity to interact and bond with your baby, so take the time to play games and sing songs. You may find that your baby looks forward to diaper changing in anticipation of all the fun!

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