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Diaper Changing Essentials

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Cloth diapers tend to leak more, but they can save you a significant amount of money if you wash them yourself. However, home washing machines may not sterilize the way commercial units can. The other option with cloth diapers is hiring a diaper service, which is convenient but costly. If you do choose cloth diapers you will need to also purchase plastic pants or diaper wraps, which are made of waterproof laminate between two layers of polyester knit, and Velcro over the cloth diaper to prevent leaks. Another advance in the world of cloth diapers is the pin-less diaper clip. Struggles with sharp, tricky pins are a thing of the past with these plastic, easy-lock clamps that fasten quickly and firmly onto all sizes of cloth diapers.

Another option for those who use cloth diapers is the Kushie All-In-One Diaper. These washable 100% cotton flannel diapers are reinforced with an absorbent middle layer and an outer waterproof barrier for leak protection. An adjustable Velcro waistband provides a secure fit. These diapers fit well and wash and dry easily, and are durable enough to last through several children. The main drawback is the price. They usually come five to a package and run about $50 a package. But if you're planning to have more than one child they are a very cost effective choice.

Diaper liners are a good way to get more mileage out of every diaper (cloth or disposable). They add absorbency and make diaper cleanup a breeze. Simply apply a liner to each diaper and throw it away when wet or soiled. Chemical-free liners help ward off diaper rash by wicking wetness away from your baby's skin, and they also provide added protection for overnight or long car rides.

Don't forget to have a good, all-purpose healing ointment on hand in case diaper rash erupts. If you catch and treat diaper rash early it will leave as quickly as it appeared. A & D Ointment is a favorite among the diaper set. This is a clear petroleum-based ointment enriched with healing vitamins and should not only heal diaper rash quickly, but will protect baby's tender skin from future outbreaks if used regularly. It also works wonders on little cuts and scrapes.

Diaper Accessories

Now that you have a dirty diaper, what do you do with it? Old-fashioned, pop-up-lid diaper pails can be messy, smelly, and unsanitary unless cleaned several times a day. But two new innovations can help you overcome the smell and hassle of dealing with dirty diapers: the Diaper Boss and the Diaper Genie.

The Diaper Boss is a one-handed diaper disposal system that lets you throw away dirty diapers while keeping one hand securely on your baby. The Boss hangs on the changing table or wall for easy access. It has a double-lid system with deodorized bags to hold the diaper and lock in odors. Emptying the Boss is a snap: simply toss the liner bag in the trash.

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