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Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

Walking for Fitness

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If You Have Always Been Active...

Do you miss the intense sweat-producing workouts from your pre-pregnancy days? Dreaming of your next competitive run? To recreate this familiar natural high, try reducing the impact on your joints and extend the length of your workout (1-2 hours). Due to the increased time, you may need to "get your fix" on a weekend (which may allow a friend or your partner to join you as well). Seek out local hiking trails find walks of adequate length and difficulty. Too hot to hit the trails? Use a treadmill to simulate a hiking trail. Choose a hiking program or manually control the incline, decline and speed for a lengthy walk. Beat boredom by walkin' to your favorite tunes or bring a friend to gossip on the treadmill beside you. Live in a cold climate? Strap on some snowshoes and bundle up in appropriate clothing. Depending to the expected duration of your workout, be sure to carry plenty of water and a snack. You will need to stay hydrated and fueled for your and your baby's safety.

Sample Workout:
On treadmill:Speed = 3.5, Incline = 0, Time = 5 minutes
Speed = 4.0, Incline = 3, Time = 10 minutes
Speed = 3.5, Incline = 8, Time = 10 minutes
Speed = 4.0, Incline = 4, Time = 10 minutes
Speed = 3.8, Incline = 7, Time = 10 minutes
Speed = 4.0, Incline = 2, Time = 10 minutes
Speed = 3.5, Incline = 0, Time = 5 minutes

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