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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

Resistance Training

If You Were Active for At Least Three Months Prior to Becoming Pregnant...

If you have been active, but are new to resistance training, please use the section titled "inactive before pregnancy" as your guide. However, if you understand correct form and lifting technique, here is a resistance training workout for you to try. No specific weight amount is included; so choose what feels comfortable each day, as your level of strength can change daily. Always stay in tune with your pregnant body's needs.

Full Body Workout

  1. Warm-up: Walk, ride a stationary bike or use an elliptical trainer for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Squat - 15 repetitions.
  3. Alternating knee lifts while standing tall - 20 repetitions.
  4. Cable row - 12 repetitions.
  5. Dumbbell bicep curl - 12 repetitions.
  6. Overhead shoulder press - 10 repetitions.
  7. Tricep dips (using bench) - 15 repetitions.
  8. Plank hold (top of a push up position) - 5 to 10 slow, deep breaths.
  9. Cool down by walking for 5 minutes.
  10. Stretch!
Depending on your energy level and time, repeat steps #2 through #8. Try to build your stamina for three full cycles.

If You Have Always Been Active...

If resistance training has been part of your weekly regimen for years, keep it up! You will find it helpful to make a few slight modifications as your pregnancy progresses, but for the most part you will feel comfortable continuing your program. Are you looking for some variety? Try breaking up your usual sequence by adding cardio intervals. For your comfort, slight modifications might include:

  1. Avoiding added weight on top of your shoulders.
  2. After the 20th week, no lying flat on your back.
  3. Using a decline position for abdominal work.
  4. Being aware of the angle of your knees.
  5. Using an upright bench to support your back during overhead exercises.


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