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Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

Resistance Training

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If You Were Inactive Before Pregnancy...

It's never too late to add resistance training to your routine. In order to keep you safe and to enjoy all of the benefits of resistance training, it is crucial to learn and execute correct form. Not sure where to begin? Talk to the personal training director at your gym. Gyms will frequently offer one complimentary session with a personal trainer as part of your membership. Let the personal training director know that you are pregnant and seeking a trainer who specializes in prenatal strength and conditioning. The following five basic movements will create an effective workout to help you maintain proper posture as well as strong legs, arms, and core:

  1. Lat pull down: Women frequently form rounded shoulders during pregnancy, which can lead to lower back pain. The lat pull down strengthens your back muscles (from mid spine to your tailbone) and will help fight the slouch by staying strong and reinforcing a healthy posture.

  2. Row: The row also strengthens back muscles (the back of your shoulders and between your shoulder blades). This is another great exercise to avoid "pregnancy posture."

  3. Squat: The squat mimics sitting into an imaginary chair and uses all of the muscles in your legs as well as many in your lower back and abdomen. Keeping your legs strong during your pregnancy will make it easier to keep moving as you carry additional weight. The squat is also very useful for many birthing positions.

  4. Bicep curl: The bicep curl strengthens the anterior muscles of the upper arm which will prepare you for carrying your newborn.

  5. Modified ball abdominal curl: The abdominal curl strengthens the long muscle that runs from your lower ribs to your pelvic bone. After the 20th week, try using an exercise ball to create an angle when doing crunches. Go slow and visualize hugging your baby with your abdominal muscles. Should you feel the need, wrap your hands or a towel around your midsection for additional support. Keeping your abs strong will help ease pressure from your back while you are carrying the extra weight during your pregnancy - and get you back into your favorite jeans soon after delivery!

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