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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

If You Were Inactive Before Pregnancy...

This is not the time for you to take up jogging. Instead, start with a walking program during your pregnancy and establish a consistent workout routine (three or more days a week) to prepare you mentally and physically to take on jogging after your healthy baby is born. Look into local running clubs or teams. If you are having trouble finding one, ask the sales associate at your favorite athletic shoe store for brochures or contact info for local clubs the next time you go in for a pair of running shoes.

If You Were Active for At Least Three Months Prior to Becoming Pregnant...

Assuming you have been an active jogger prior to becoming pregnant, go ahead and hit the pavement! Things to consider before and during each jogging session:

  • How are you feeling today? Don't become frustrated with yourself if you can not run as fast or as far as yesterday. Your body is undergoing immense changes…this is not the time to break your personal record!

  • You are carrying additional weight, so pay attention to any discomfort.

  • In order to maintain a healthy heart rate you may need to do walk/jog intervals.

After completing a 10 minute walking warm-up, begin a three minute jog/ two minute walk interval. Continue the five minute intervals for 30 minutes or as long as it feels comfortable. As an alternative to intervals, after warming up for 10 minutes break into a steady jog for 20 minutes. Be sure to cool down with a five minute walk and stretch. And don't forget to replace lost fluid and electrolytes after each workout. In order to replenish your potassium levels, eat a banana or drink a glass of orange juice mixed with water.

Sample Workout:

  • Walk for 10 minutes, jog moderately for 20 minutes, walk for 5 minutes.

If You Have Always Been Active...

You were born to run and have always been a runner. Whether it's a 5K, ½ marathon, or marathon, you train each week with your next competition in mind. Just a reminder, you are a pregnant woman. Your training currently involves you and your baby, so always be aware of the daily changes occurring in your body. Provided running feels great today, enjoy the scenery and the fresh air.

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