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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea


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If You Were Active for At Least Three Months Prior to Becoming Pregnant...

Go ahead and continue to throw your favorite boxing combos. When you feel the need, begin to make minor modifications to your regular boxing routine by making your boxing shuffle a little more low impact by simply shifting your weight from your front foot to the back foot without hopping.
If the instructor is asking the class to do jumping jacks, perform squats side-to-side instead. When the class is jumping rope, mimic the rope turning motion with your arms while marching in place. Take frequent water breaks and keep your body moving at a comfortable pace. Give yourself a little break by decreasing your normal level of intensity. You'll return at full power after the birth of your baby.

Sample Punch Series:

  1. 30 jabs
  2. 30 cross
  3. 20 jab/cross combos
  4. 30 right hooks
  5. 30 left hooks
  6. 20 right/left hook combos
  7. 1 timed minute of jab/cross/hook/hook

If You Have Always Been Active...

Trust your body and your instincts. Continuing to make contact with heavy bags or your coach's focus mitts should feel comfortable well into your pregnancy. Provided it's been discussed and approved by your doctor, go easy and take your punch strength down about 50 percent. Protect your internal organs and your baby by exhaling upon contact. To avoid getting hit, do not hold heavy bags or focus mitts for others. To assure your safety in a class, ask to work with the instructor or simply work alone by throwing punches in the air. Become your own sparring partner by standing in front of a mirror and using your image as a visual target. Practice will make your movements perfect.

Sample Punch Series:

  1. 30 jabs
  2. 30 cross
  3. 20 jab/ cross combos
  4. 30 right hooks
  5. 30 left hooks
  6. 20 right/ left hook combos
  7. 1 timed minute of jab/cross/hook/hook
  8. 30 right upper cuts
  9. 30 left upper cuts
  10. 20 left upper cut/cross combos

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