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Your baby's ability to react to the outside world is thanks to his or her new ears that can hear and eyes complete with brows and lashes. Your baby can do so much now! On an ultrasound you may see your baby sucking his or her thumb or touching his or her face. Twins may even hold hands! You may notice your baby making regular, sudden movements; even unborn babies get the hiccups! His or her hands and feet are fully formed, nails and all, and brain tissue is developing quickly. By the end of this trimester, your baby will weigh approximately three pounds and measure about 11 inches in length.

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Third Trimester

While your weight gain is slowing, your baby's growth is still at full throttle. But you may notice that he or she isn't moving around as much as before. No need to worry, he or she is simply running out of room in there! Other than positioning himself for birth, he's not going to do too much moving around towards the end of this trimester. What he or she will be doing is shedding the lanugo and vernix that have been blanketing and protecting her, while her lungs and brain are racing toward maturity. Although your baby's immune system is still immature, your placenta - and later your breast milk - will provide the necessary antibodies. Your baby's sight has improved: she can now track movement and differentiate between light and dark. Thanks to this development, she's now on a regular sleep cycle.

As your baby continues to put on that adorable baby fat, his or her increasing size will make it harder for you to get comfortable and you may develop "the pregnancy waddle." Relaxin, one of those hormones running rampant through your system, softens your pelvic joints in preparation for childbirth, which causes you to waddle a little bit. Your growing belly has also thrown your posture into a swayback curve, which can intensify your backaches, so remind yourself to stand up straight. But all these symptoms will be over soon as you near the end of your pregnancy. Your baby is considered full term at 37 weeks and labor ideally lasts between 11 and 15 hours.

By the time he or she is born, your baby probably will weigh about seven and a half pounds, measure about twenty inches from head to toe, and be the most beautiful little person you will ever meet.

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