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The Best Birth

A vital component of the childbirth process, according to McMoyler Method, is your labor partner. In her classes, McMoyler uses the partners, instead of the moms-to-be, to demonstrate coping and relaxation maneuvers to ensure they fully understand the concepts so they are able to be effective coaches on the big day. As she tells expecting moms, during labor "You will not be going through the file box in your brain pulling up what I said about coping with active labor contractions. Partners, on the other hand, will not be having uterine contractions." Your partner is there to recall the coping and relaxation techniques learned in the classroom and to remind you to release and let go, vocalize, and change positions; help you make decisions; and offer encouragement and support. According to McMoyler, your body was designed to give birth, it knows what to do; it's your brain that needs to be engaged, supported and encouraged in order to cope with labor.

One way to increase your coping ability is to repeatedly change your environment. The McMoyler Mantra of "Up, Walk, Rock, Change Positions" keeps your body in motion to prevent your brain from habituating, increase your pelvic opening by up to 25 percent, and help labor to progress. Vocalization is also an important part of coping with intense contractions. (How often have you reacted to painfully stubbing your toe with silent, "hee-hee-hee" breathing?) The human response to pain has noise attached to it, and while McMoyler discourages screaming, which is counter-productive and can trigger an escalating Fear-Tension-Pain cycle, open-throat moaning is an effective way to redirect tension, stimulate endorphin release and increase your ability to cope with pain.

While other childbirth techniques focus almost exclusively on coping with difficult contractions, McMoyler considers the time between contractions to be just as important. During her 20 years of assisting with deliveries, she has observed the inability of many laboring women to fully relax once each contraction is over - a waste of valuable energy those women need as labor progresses. Those precious few moments are the only chance you have to mentally regroup, reorganize and recharge, so McMoyler Method includes a number of effective relaxation techniques you can use to help you "release and let go" between contractions and prepare for the work ahead.

McMoyler Method has already helped more than 10,000 couples manage their labor and delivery with confidence and a sense of control and is quickly becoming the childbirth method of choice for OBs around the country. For more information, go to The Best Birth.


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