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Baby Shower Games and Favors

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Find the Safety Pins - Fill a bowl with uncooked rice and mix in some safety pins. Blindfold each guest and have them fish as many safety pins out as they can in one minute. Whoever gets out the most wins.

Grab a Handful of Clothespins - Hang clothespins from a hanger or string and have each guest try and grab as many as they can off using only one hand and one try. Whoever grabs the most off the hanger wins.

Spoon the Cotton Balls - Play this game one at a time. Give each guest an empty bowl and a tablespoon, have them kneel/sit on the floor and blindfold them. Throw some cotton balls on the floor around them and have them try and pick up as many as they can in one minute. Everyone else can guide them as they're doing it. Whoever picks up the most wins.

Guess How Many - Fill a baby bottle with safety pins or candy (i.e. mints, jelly beans, M&M's) and have each guest guess how many are in the bottle. Whoever guesses closest wins.

Who Knows the Mother-to-Be Best - Give everyone a blank sheet of paper. Ask a few questions about the mom-to-be (i.e. age, height, shoe size, birthday, children's names). Whoever gets the most right wins.

Pregnancy Brain - Put a few things that have to do with a baby on a tray (i.e. bottle, pacifier, baby powder, and diaper). Let everyone look at it for about 30 seconds and then cover the tray. Have them try to write down everything that they saw. Whoever remembers most of the things on the tray wins.

Baby Shower Favors

  • Little chocolate lollipops, bears, bottles, etc.

  • You can buy plastic molds, melt some chocolate, pour it in the molds and refrigerate them; when they're finished wrap them in colored cellophane paper and tie a ribbon to it

  • Cookies shaped like bottles or rattles wrapped nicely in either colored cellophane or little boxes or baskets

  • Little picture frames (even the magnetic ones work good)

  • Scented candles or soap

  • Little baby bottles filled with candy (mints, jellybeans, M&Ms)

  • Plastic baby blocks or booties filled with candy

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