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Baby Shower Etiquette

Also be sure to ask the expectant mother or parents-to-be about secure dates for the baby shower while considering the schedules of important guests (family members or parents) who will attend. Give yourself plenty of time to send invites (electronic or printed) to your guests and make sure the invite contains the following information:

  1. Name of the mom or parents-to-be (if both are attending)

  2. Name of the Host(s)

  3. Date

  4. Location

  5. Directions

  6. RSVP (include a contact number)

  7. Where the expectant mother is registered

  8. What the theme is (if any)

Who Should be Invited to the Baby Shower?

Anyone of importance to the expecting mother or parents should be invited to the baby shower. A baby shower guest list will vary depending on whether you follow a traditional or modern day route. Traditional textbook rules would invite strictly females but remember these rules should not govern your decision. Baby shower planners are increasingly throwing coed , friends, and family showers. You should also decide on the ambiance and location of the party: will you have a large production with plenty of people or something more intimate and between friends?

If time permits and you are not throwing a surprise party, check with the mom-to be about guests she would like to invite.

Where Should the Baby Shower Be Held?

Baby showers were traditionally held at church, home, or restaurants, but depending on your budget, the options can be endless. Hosts might plan a decadent spa day while others enjoy the comforts of home. Other ideas include country clubs, bars, or any facility that can host you and your party.

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