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After becoming a mom, Melissa Moog resolved to help new and expectant parents ease into their lives with children. Most importantly, Melissa wanted to create a company where she could help parents find the best green baby products to protect two very precious things: our little ones and the planet.

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How to Go Green in Your Baby's Nursery

Melissa Moog

Please choose organic sheets and covers. Cotton sheets and duvet covers that are grown with pesticides are toxic to the skin and even if you wash them several times they've already polluted the land.

Tip 5 - Toys
Please avoid plastic toys they do leach and they will be in your kid's mouth in no time. Natural materials create negative ions that help babies relax. Toys should also be selected that way. Wooden blocks are far better to develop creativity than things that are made of plastic and make loud sounds.

Tip 6 - A secret to create a relaxed room
No TV screens on kids rooms, mp3 or audio ok. Have a black out curtain to create complete darkness Plastic items create so much stress avoid them if you can.

Well the intention is to help, not to overwhelm you with lots of info but I really think our kids deserve environments that support their health and well being and green alternatives already have that.

NOTE: Check out another great article from The Cradle on creating an Eco-Friendly Nursery. Alicia Silva is the principal of Synergy Design Studio, a design firm dedicated to help people enhance their lives by designing beautiful, healthier and high performance environments that not only increase well being but also quality of life.

Alicia is an interior architect and a Sustainable Building Advisor, she is member of the USGBC, IIDA, ASID and also and active member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.

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