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Trying to Conceive (TTC) Abbreviations

IVF = in vitro fertilization

JK = just kidding

JMHO = just my humble opinion

JMO = just my opinion

KWIM = know what I mean

LH = luteinizing hormone

LMAO = laughing my [butt] off

LMM = losing my mind

LMP = last menstrual period

LOL = laughing out loud

LP = luteal phase

LPD = luteal phase defect

LV = labor vibes

MIL = mother-in-law

MC = miscarriage

MS = morning sickness

NAK = nursing at keyboard

O/OV = ovulation

OLV = open legs vibes (wishing luck for baby to have legs open so parents can tell the sex at the ultrasound)

OPK = ovulation predictor kit

OPT = ovulation predictor test

OTL = open to life

POAS = pee on a stick

PCOS = polycystic ovarian syndrome

PG = pregnant

PMS = premenstrual syndrome

PNV = prenatal vitamin

PITA = pain in the [butt]

RAK = random act of kindness

RE = reproductive endocrinologist

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing

RSN = really soon now

SA = sperm/semen analysis

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