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Making Fertility Treatments Affordable

After you've done your research, try to make an objective decision without basing it solely on your emotions, as they can be intense at a time like this and cause you to make impulsive decisions.

  • Know your payment options

    Ask your doctor about monthly payment plans, shared risk options and other packages that may be available. Some clinics offer payment plans through third-party providers to help make your treatment more affordable. A payment plan will allow you to finance the portion of your treatment that is not covered by insurance. Paying few hundred dollars a month spread over five or six years, as opposed to a lump sum of $10,000, is a much more realistic option for many couples.

    Payment plans can take the form of unsecured loans or a line of credit. Unsecured loans let you finance a specific amount and your payments are based on a fixed rate and term schedule. A line of credit is similar to a credit card in which you are approved for a certain maximum amount that can be used as needed, but monthly payments can fluctuate depending on the interest rate and balance.

    If shelling out another few hundred dollars per month seems impossible, there is still hope. The Fertility Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others with the financial aspects of fertility treatment. To see if you qualify for assistance, check out the Web site at

    Lastly, don't rule out your friends and family. If your parents or in-laws are constantly asking when you're going to give them grandchildren, share with them the costs you're facing. You never know how eager they may be to help until you ask.

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