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  • Laparoscopy - A laparoscopy is a procedure in which a small camera is inserted through an incision in the bellybutton to view the pelvic organs on a screen. It is generally used for treatment of a hydrosalpinx and not for assessment because of the risks of anesthesia and surgery, but it is an extremely reliable test because it can provide the most accurate picture.

  • Treatment

    A hydrosalpinx can be treated with several laparoscopic procedures. During one of these, known as a neosalpingostomy, an incision is made at the end of the hydrosalpinx and the edges are folded back, leaving the tube open. Unfortunately, hydrosalpinx has a high recurrence rate, so the tube often closes up again.

    In young patients with minimal tubal damage, a laparoscopic salpingectomy may be done. In this procedure, the entire fallopian tube is removed. Once it is removed, however, there is no way to replace it, which could complicate a future pregnancy. Because the fallopian tubes and ovaries share a part of the blood supply, destruction of one could affect the other.

    Women who have a hydrosalpinx and wish to undergo in vitro fertilization are usually urged to consider laparoscopic surgery prior to their IVF cycle. Studies have shown that if the hydrosalpinx is surgically removed before a woman undergoes IVF, she can expect similar success rates to a woman who has normal fallopian tubes and undergoes the same form of treatment.

    All surgical treatment options and their possible complications should be discussed between a woman and her doctor before making any final decisions.

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