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Home Pregnancy Test FAQs

Do oral contraceptives/birth control pills interfere with home pregnancy test results?
No, your result should be accurate. The hormones in the Pill do not cause a false positive or false negative result.

Will recreational drugs or alcohol interfere with home pregnancy test results?
No, but you should not take a home pregnancy test while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, as it may increase your chance of error.

Can a urinary tract infection cause a false positive result?
No. Home pregnancy tests are designed to detect the hormone hCG. Byproducts of infection will not interfere with your results, but you should have them confirmed by a doctor. Also be sure to have the UTI treated as soon as possible!

Can stress cause a false positive result?

How much does a home pregnancy test cost?
Most drugstores sell home pregnancy tests for anywhere from $8 to $20, depending on the brand and how many tests come in the box.

Which brand of home pregnancy test is the best?
In 2003, Consumer Reports ranked home pregnancy tests based on their efficacy, ease of use and ease of result readings. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test came out on top as the most reliable and sensitive test, earning an "Excellent" rating overall. If you'd like to use a different brand and are unsure of which to choose, ask a doctor or pharmacist.

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