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Fertility Retreats

Western scientists and experts are unable to explain how relaxation helps infertility patients, so many are skeptical of such a holistic approach and consider these retreats to be a waste of money. For example, one critic pointed out that birthrates in some of the most stressful areas of the world, as in war-torn countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Bhutan, are among the highest in the world. However, other western scientists agree that, while there is no guarantee that relaxation can cure infertility, it certainly can't hurt.

The success rates of independent retreats have not been confirmed by an objective source, so the claims of retreat providers are impossible to prove or discredit. However, one retreat in Austin, Texas, lead by Randine Lewis, Ph.D., claims a 25 percent success rate, and a 75 percent success rate when participants combine western fertility-assisted technologies like IVF with her fertility retreats.

The duration, location, and cost of fertility retreats vary greatly. Some retreats are based on the 90 days it takes to complete an ovarian cycle and require participants to stay at the retreat location for one week per month for three months. Other retreats consist of several, shorter sessions over the course of one year, some last five days, and some meet just a few hours each week for a number of weeks. Costs range from $200 for a five-day retreat without lodging, up to $3780 for a five-day retreat at a luxury spa, plus a home-based program.

If you are interested in attending a fertility retreat, check out these Websites:

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