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reproductive surgeon - a surgeon who specializes in the surgical correction of anatomical disorders that affect reproductive function

resistant ovary - an ovary that cannot respond to the follicle-stimulating message sent by follicle stimulating hormone

retrograde ejaculation - a male fertility problem where sperm travels into the bladder instead of out of the penis due to a failure in the sphincter muscle at the base of the bladder

retroverted uterus - a uterus that is tilted back toward the rectum

Rh factor - genetically determined antigens present in the red blood cells of most people and capable of inducing intense immunologic reactions

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salpingectomy - surgical removal of the fallopian tubes

salpingitis - an inflammation of one or both fallopian tubes

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) - an organization of professionals dedicated to the practice of assisted reproductive technologies in the United States

secondary infertility - the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy after having conceived and carried one or more pregnancies

semen - the fluid portion of the ejaculate consisting of secretions from the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and several other glands in the male reproductive tract; provides nourishment and protection for the sperm and a medium in which the sperm can travel to the woman's vagina

semen analysis (SA) - a microscopic examination of freshly ejaculated semen to evaluate the number of sperm (count), the percentage of moving sperm (motility), and the size and shape of the sperm (morphology)

sonogram - a picture taken of the follicles in the ovaries or the fetus in the uterus during an ultrasound; can be used to measure growth

sperm - the microscopic cell that carries the male's genetic information to the female's egg; the male reproductive cell; the male gamete

sperm antibodies - entities that may attack and destroy sperm cells; can be produced by both women and men

sperm bank - a place where sperm are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for later use in artificial insemination

sperm count - the number of sperm in ejaculate; also called sperm concentration or sperm density and given as the number of sperm per milliliter

sperm donation - providing a sample of sperm for use in assisted reproductive treatments

sperm maturation - a process during which the sperm grow and gain their ability to swim (takes about 90 days)

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