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Charting Your Basal Body Temperature, Cervical Mucus and Cervical Position

To observe changes in your cervical position, insert your (clean) middle finger into your vagina and feel your cervix for softness, height, opening, and wetness. A plastic speculum can be helpful in the beginning while you are getting used to finding and feeling your cervix. Check your cervix about the same time of day and in the same position (squatting, sitting on the toilet, or with one leg raised). Record the position and quality of your cervix on your chart.

Charting Tips

Here are a list of descriptions and abbreviations you can use to chart your cycles. Using these terms will help you to become familiar with your body and the menstrual cycle signs it provides to identify your most fertile days. When describing the cervical mucus textures you will likely use one word from each category (consistency, color and feel) in order to completely pinpoint how near or far your ovulation is.

Download Basal Body Temperature Chart (pdf, 81kb)

basal body chart screen shot

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