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Safe Deposit Box


Branch location:
Box Number:


Bond/stock certificates Coins
Jewelry Stamps

Legal and Personal Documents

Birth certificates Social Security cards
____________________________ Copy of will
____________________________ Copy of living will
____________________________ Power of attorney
Marriage certificate Trust documents
Adoption papers Religious documents
Passports Veterans/discharge papers
____________________________ Citizenship/naturalization papers
____________________________ Divorce papers/decrees
____________________________ ____________________________

Household and Car

   Mortgage papers    Insurance policies
   Home improvement receipts and         records    Deeds
   Home/apartment/condo inventory    Titles to property/real estate
   Video/pictures of home contents    Car title(s)
   List of major appliances/serial         numbers    ________________________
   Jewelry appraisals    _________________________

General Items in Safety Deposit Box

Personal Papers/Letters

____________________________ ____________________________
____________________________ ____________________________
____________________________ ____________________________

Other Items

____________________________ ____________________________
____________________________ ____________________________
____________________________ ____________________________

Important Details for Executor

Create a document to be kept in your safety deposit box detailing the following:

   Location of important items not in safety deposit box
   Original will and any addenda
   Guardianship information for children
   Location of safety deposit box key
   Location of any hidden valuables
   Life insurance information
   Names and phones of legal and financial advisers/accounts
   Attorney who helped with estate planning
   List of all bank/investment accounts
   Wishes about organ donation (if desired)
   Service/burial requests
   Priest/rabbi/minister to contact
   Church/temple to hold services in
   People to speak at the service
   Special preference about the service itself
   Funeral home to use
   Family plot information
   Charity preference for memorial donations
   Newspapers in which to post death announcement



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