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Day Care or Nursery School Interview

Program Overview

How long has your program existed?  
How many children are in your program?  
How are the children grouped?  
How big is each group?  
What is the boy/girl ratio?  
What special activities do you offer?  
How are the discipline problems handled?  
How are transitions to the program handled?  


What is your program's philosophy?  
Are you affiliated with another program?  
Is there any religious teaching?  

Staff and Management

What is your adult/child ratio?  
What is the educational background/experience of your staff?  
What is your staff turnover rate?  
How is your staff managed?  
How is your staff trained?  

Parent Involvement

How do you share information about the children among staff and with parents?  
What is your parent participation/drop-in policy?  


May I have the names/phone numbers of three families who have children in your program?

Name Phone

Things to Look for During a Site Visit


Great toys & art supplies
Appropriate bathroom facilities
Restricted access to kitchen facilities
Personal space for children
Safe outdoor play space


Creative play (blocks, art, clay)
Imaginitive play (dress-up, play stores)
Quiet time (reading corner, puzzles)
Physical activity

Program Elements

Greeting time
Creative play
Reading/story time
Snack time
Quiet time
Outdoor play

Teacher Student Observation

Are the teachers actively engaged with kids?
How are drop-off transitions handled?
How does the program "feel"?
Do the kids seem happy?
Is there a feeling of joy?
Is there a sense of calm and order?
Is this a place you would like to spend the day?

Additional Issues of Concern




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