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The Organized Mom

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Child Care and Day Care

Child Care Needs
Use this list to assess your child care needs. Before you contact a babysitter or day care center, fill out this list to determine which days you need help, during which hours, and for what kind of work.

Child Care Terms and Management
Use this informal contract to establish clear expectations with your child care provider.

Day Care or Nursery School Interview
Use this form to evaluate a prospective day care or nursery school. Includes helpful questions to ask the providers, a reference section, and things to look for at a site visit.

Family Day Care Interview
If you are considering family day care, use this form to evaluate prospective providers. Includes important questions to ask about their child care philosophy, vacation policy, personal background, and other children in the program.

Finding Day Care
If you are trying to find day care for your little one, use this helpful form to organize all prospective providers and their information. Also includes helpful tips for where to find reliable child care.


Family Organization

Carpool Planner
Organize your carpool and increase efficiency while eliminating confusion with this easy schedule.

Computer Software and Websites
Can't keep track of which computer programs you're running and which versions? This list will help you organize your software, order updates, and keep track of helpful Websites.

Extracurricular Activities
Keep track of your child's busy social and activities schedule with this form. Includes spaces for program registration deadline information, activity days and times, and financial information.

Gift Giving
Keep track of gift ideas for the special people in your life, as well as the gifts you've already given, so you don't repeat yourself!

Lending and Borrowing
Can't remember to whom you loaned your favorite book or from whom you borrowed that baby equipment? Keep track of it all with this helpful list.

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