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Family Day Care Interview

Personal Background

What is your educational background?  
What is your professional experience?  
Why did you start an in-home day care program?  
How long have you run this day care?  
What do you enjoy most about running a family day care program?  
What is most difficult about running a family day care program?  
How would you describe yourself?  
    - Your strengths?  
    - Your weaknesses?  
How long have you lived in this area?  
Are there any animals in your home?  
Do you smoke?  

Other Helpers/Family Involvement

Does anyone help you on a regular basis?  
What family members/others regularly interact with the children?  
Do you have your own children?  
    - What are their ages?  
    - When are they around during
      the day?

Vacation/Sick Policy

What is your vacation schedule and policy?  
How many paid vacations do you take? How may unpaid?  
Do these vacation days coincide with school vacations?  
What coverage have you arranged if you are sick?  
What is your sick child policy?  


What is your child care philosophy?  
How do you handle crises involving more than one child?  
What happens to the other children while you are managing the crises?  
How do you handle discipline?  
How do you handle a medical emergency?  

Children in Program

How many children are currently in your care?  
What are their ages?  
What days/hours are each there?  
How long have they been in your care?  

Feedback to Parents

How will you provide me with feedback on how my child is doing?  
Do you encourage parents to drop in/observe?  


Name Phone


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