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Just for Her


Women and Nutrition: A Menu of Special Needs

by Dori Stehlin

Although foods containing fiber seem to exert a protective effect against some cancers, the diet and health report points out there is no conclusive evidence that dietary fiber itself, rather than other components, exerts this effect. Therefore, the report does not recommend the use of fiber supplements.

When increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, do it slowly, so your body can become accustomed to handling it.

Food Preparation

Carefully selecting foods for a well-balanced diet can end up a wasted effort if equal care isn't used in the kitchen. Some important points to help make the most of healthy food:

  • To help reduce fat, broil, bake or microwave food rather than frying or deep-fat frying.
  • Cook vegetables in as little water as possible, or, instead of boiling food, try steaming. The steamer basket keeps the food above the water so the nutrients can't be washed away. Also, heat can destroy some nutrients, so don't overcook.
  • Use fresh foods as soon as possible to avoid loss of vitamins.
  • Season vegetables with herbs and spices instead of high-fat sauces, butter or margarine.
  • Substitute plain low-fat yogurt, blender-whipped low-fat cottage cheese, or buttermilk in recipes that call for sour cream or mayonnaise. Use skim or low-fat milk in place of whole milk in puddings, soups, and baked products.


A800 micrograms
D10 micrograms (age 19 to 24),
5 micrograms (age 25 to 50)
E8 milligrams
K60 micrograms (19 to 24),
65 micrograms (25 to 50)
C60 milligrams
Thiamine1.1 milligrams
Riboflavin1.3 milligrams
Niacin15 milligrams
B61.6 milligrams
Folate180 micrograms
B122 micrograms

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