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Grandparent's Role During Birth


If you or the mother-to-be doesn't feel it's appropriate for you to be in the delivery room, take charge of any older siblings during labor and delivery. They'll no doubt love the attention from Nana while everyone else is focused on the new parents-to-be. This is also a perfect time to talk to the soon-to-be big brother(s) or sister(s) about their newborn sibling. Try reading them a storybook about new babies.

Guest Monitor

Run interference between the new mother and visitors. If it's not a good time to visit, ask them to come back another time.

Relief Coach

If the father or partner needs a break or something to eat, step in as support coach while he is out of the room.

Pain Management

While the father or partner is coaching the laboring mom-to-be, you may be helpful with a foot or back massage. You have a unique position as you may know where it hurts and what might make it feel better.


Step up and offer to run any necessary errands, such as refilling ice chips, food, toiletries, etc. during labor as well as after the baby is born. Offer to run to the new parents' home and water the plants or pick up forgotten items that will make the new mom more comfortable.

The key to being helpful during the entire labor and delivery process is to offer your assistance, but don't force it or hover about. Don't take it personally if the mother-to-be is short or rude to you - she's going through a tremendous experience and may be scared, in pain, and exhausted. Be there to support, encourage and nurture, as only you can.

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