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National Child Safety Expert, Alison Rhodes, “The Safety Mom,” is one of the country's leading child safety authorities, providing tips and advice to parents on a broad range of issues facing all children - newborns to teens.

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Five Tips For Safe Holiday Travel
by Alison Rhodes

  • Create A Plan
    Immediately upon arriving at your hotel or vacation home, review a fire escape plan with the family. Show them the fire exits in the hotel and designate a place outside to meet should you get separated. Keep the chain lock on the door at all times. In a new environment children can become disoriented in the middle of the night and walk out the door, having it lock behind them. As an added precaution, bring along a portable door alarm which will sound if the door is opened. You can purchase these at local hardware stores. Take inventory of the hotel room as you would your own home to check for safety hazards. Place furniture in front of any floor lamp so that it cannot be accidentally tipped over. Tie window blind cords high up to prevent a strangulation hazard. Move all chairs or tables away from windows and ask for any furniture on a terrace to be removed. While pressure mounted gates are not usually advisable, it is a good idea to bring one along if you are staying at a duplex and need to keep toddlers off the stairs. If your hotel room has a mini bar that does not lock, remove all liquor and foods that might be a choking hazard. In order to protect electrical outlets tape Band Aids across them.

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