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Tummy Time

Entertain Your Baby

Place a mirror or an activity mat on the floor underneath your baby to provide some entertainment for him. The AAP also recommends placing toys in a circle around your baby so he has to reach in different directions to get at them or see them. This will help develop the muscles he needs to roll over, scoot, and crawl. Or have an older sibling or other child play with your baby while on his tummy (always supervised by you or another adult caregiver). Young children can get down on the floor easily, they usually have more energy to play with babies, and may enjoy their role as the big brother or sister.

Support Your Baby

Once your baby's neck is strong enough (around 3 or 4 months old), help your baby get a better view while he's on his tummy by propping him up with a rolled towel or receiving blanket placed under his chest with his arms out in front. This will help him get a better view while his arms are still not strong enough to prop himself up.

Timing is Everything

Make sure your baby isn't full, too hungry or tired when you try tummy time. When he gets upset, try to entertain him and see if he'll stay there a bit longer; but if he's really unhappy, pick him up and try again later. Your baby may only tolerate tummy time for a few minutes at a time until he gets used to it.

Tummy time is not only an important developmental opportunity for your baby, it's a great time for you two to bond and play together. Make a point to schedule some quality tummy time into every day.

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