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Developmental Milestones: 24 to 36 Months

By months 31 and 32

Most toddlers are able to:
  • say their own names
  • draw a circle
Some toddlers are able to:
  • put on a t-shirt
  • recognize the ABCs
  • brush teeth by themselves
A few toddlers are able to:
  • point to objects described by their use
  • use a few adjectives
  • draw a cross or an X

By months 33 and 34

Most toddlers are able to:
  • name at least one color
  • name at least one friend
  • engage in a simple conversation
Some toddlers are able to:
  • go up and down stairs while alternating feet
  • speak using prepositions (in, on, etc.)
  • speak clearly most of the time
  • stack eight blocks at a time
A few toddlers are able to:
  • use the potty during the day
  • express a wide range of emotions

By months 35 and 36

Most toddlers are able to:
  • name at least two actions (running, jumping, etc.)
  • describe how more than one object is used
  • use at least three words in a sentence
Some toddlers are able to
  • hop and skip
  • ride a tricycle
  • follow more complex directions
A few toddlers are able to
  • balance on each foot for several seconds
  • get completely dressed on their own

Between months 24 and 36, you will also notice your child improving significantly in the following skills:

  • putting together sentences
  • following more complex directions
  • physical activity (throwing, climbing, jumping, stacking, etc.)
  • getting dressed, washing and drying hands, brushing teeth and other physical activities
  • walking up and down stairs
  • paying attention
  • socializing/playing with others
  • using the potty
  • noticing/awareness of change in routine
  • using different words and tones while speaking to different people
  • asking questions


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