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Survival Tips For New Parents

Pampering a new Mom is also supportive and usually very much appreciated. Picking up something for dinner or cooking dinner yourself while she takes a hot bath would be very much appreciated. There are numerous supportive ways to help balance the responsibilities of a new baby early on. Many couples flip a coin to see whose turn it is to change the baby. The more fun you can make the responsibilities the less likely you will be to have arguments as a result.

What can you do as a couple? Take a date night, for just the two of you! This is very important during these difficult adjustment times. It is vital for your relationship together to remain first. Take turns scheduling a romantic date. Even if your budget only allows for once a month, do it. What good can you be to your baby if you're always at each others throats, bickering and arguing over stupid things like "I change dirty diapers all day! It's your turn!" You may laugh at how silly that type of arguing sounds, but it happens. Each couple must find their own balance. If you know ahead of time that there are adjustments to be made, they won't be so difficult to accept. Couples that don't have a good understanding of how major a life change a new baby is to their relationship, can sometimes find the adjustment devastating.

Remember that it wasn't just Mom that created this baby. So Dad, you need to be willing to accept your responsibility and understand that your role is just as important in all respects as Mom's is. You both have a tiny human being you created together who is totally dependent upon the two of you for everything. That in itself can be overwhelming to an individual as well as a relationship. You must believe in each other and in yourself. You are both fully equipped to handle whatever parenting challenges come your way. Remember to respect each other's feelings and give it your best effort. If you do that, all will stay calm on the family front. You can face it all, together.

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