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  • Complications – Immediate complications include bleeding, infection, improper cutting of the foreskin (either too long or too short), and improper healing. Later complications include buried penis, meatal stenosis, skin bridges, chordee, and poor cosmetic appearance.

  • Decreased penile sensitivity – Although it has not been proven by medical or psychological studies, many people believe that circumcision decreases sensitivity and sexual pleasure later in life.

  • Removal of protective barrier – Rarely, the exposed tip of a circumcised penis can become irritated and the urethral opening can become too small, causing urination problems and may require surgery to correct.

  • Pain – The procedure is painful and traumatic. While the use of anesthetics has increased in recent decades, the needles used to inject many anesthetics are painful themselves.

  • Expense – Some insurance companies do not cover the cost of circumcision.

The decision whether or not to circumcise your son is a personal one that should be made after taking into consideration your religious, cultural, and personal beliefs, as well as the associated benefits and risks, and discussing it with your doctor.

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