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Choosing Child Care - Know the Right Questions to Ask

Review the Daily Schedule: To get the most out of child care, children should be offered a wide variety of educational materials and toys. Itís important that child care programs not only include social activities but also educational lessons. Parents should ask if the facility offers daily activity reports as a way for them to stay updated on their childís progress, and if staff members are readily available to speak with them on an as needed basis.

Ask About the Curriculum: Ask how the staff support each childís learning. Is there a curriculum that is age-appropriate? Does the staff modify and adapt the curriculum to each child so he or she can learn and grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually at his or her own pace? Does learning take place at specific times during the day?

Inquire About the Food Service: A vital part of a childís mental and physical health is a well-balanced diet. Ask about the food that is served and how meal and snack times are integrated into the daily routine. Are meals served family-style to encourage sharing and social interaction among children and staff? What is the policy regarding food brought from home?

Ask About Outdoor Activities: In addition to mental stimulation, it is important for children to engage in physical activities. Parents should make sure their child care facility encourages outdoor playtime. Outdoor activity is an essential part of fine and gross motor development and a great way to keep children fit and healthy.

According to Endres, Kiddie Academy provides an environment that fosters learning from the moment children walk in the door until the time they leave at the end of the day. Kiddie Academy teachers are highly trained and must participate in ongoing professional development. Family style dining for meals and snacks ensure that children get the nutrition that they need, while learning and sharing with their peers and teachers.

For more information about Kiddie Academy, and to learn about how to enroll your child for the fall semester, please visit

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