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Breastfeeding Multiples

How do you know what is working? You may find it useful to set up a dry erase board chart of feedings and diaperings so that you can keep track of your babies progress especially if they were born prematurely. You don't need to record detailed information, but knowing how many times a day they are nursing and how many wet and dirty diapers they can claim responsibility for can be very useful to you and your babies doctor as an indicator of your baby's growing strength. Most newborns eat ten to twelve times a day, wetting six to eight diapers and dirtying two to five.

If you will be supplementing breastfeedings with bottlefeedings, you may want to avoid nipple confusion by waiting until your babies are nursing well, maybe three to four weeks before you introduce them to the bottle. Your milk supply will be well established by that time and your babies will be able to more easily make the switch between nursing from your nipples, to the bottle's, and back again.

It's not always easy to breastfeed and it's an even greater challenge to learn to breastfeed two or three distinct individuals who have different learning curves, challenges and likes. But if you want to breastfeed, if it's important to you to try, do. Focus on learning how to feed one baby at a time if you need to, and remember that lactation consultants will be happy to help you. You and your babies will learn and thrive on the experience, together.

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