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5. Crouching Father, Hidden Toddler: A Zen Guide for New Dads
By C.W. Nevius, Beegee Tolpa/Chronicle Books /2006
Crouching Father, Hidden Toddler contains the treasured wisdom that will help new dads master the Buddha-like patience required to be on the receiving end of projectile pureed spinach, sleep-deprived moms, and toys with Some Assembly Required
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1. The Art of Parenting Twins: The Unique Joys and Challenges of Raising Twins and Other Multiples
By Patricia Malmstrom, Janet Poland/Ballantine Books/1999
Over the past 20 years, the number of twin and multiple births has risen by 50 percent, yet information on caring for twins and multiples remains sparse. Most child-care books touch lightly on the subject of multiples--here's one that fills in the gaps.
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2. Double Duty : The Parents' Guide to Raising Twins, from Pregnancy Through the School Years
By Christina Baglivi Tinglof/McGraw-Hill/1998
Designed with lots of "Top Five" lists, the text, often humorous and always clear, offers intelligent choices when pondering the panoply of pros and cons regarding things like the safety of twins amniocentesis, bed rest, separate classrooms, to go to work or to stay home, etc.
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3. Mothering Twins: From Hearing the News to Beyond the Terrible Twos
By Linda Albi, Deborah Johnson, Debra Catlin, Donna Florien Deurloo, Sheryll Greatwood/Fireside /1993
This comprehensive guide, written by five mothers with six sets of twins between them, advises on everything from pregnancy to toddlerhood with lots of "it worked for me" practical advice.
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4. Raising Twins: What Parents Want to Know
By Eileen M. Pearlman, Jill Alison Ganon/Collins/2000
A practical guidebook that studies the unique development of multiples from toddlerhood through young adulthood, paying close attention to the special challenges twins face. The first quarter of the book contrasts the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of multiples against that of singletons, touching on topics like speech, socializing, peer pressure, and the journey toward independence.
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5. Keys to Parenting Multiples
By Eileen M. Pearlman, Jill Alison Ganon/Collins/2000
By Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, Mary C. Hurlburt/Barron's Educational Series/2001
The authors present guidelines for nurturing multiples from pregnancy through adolescence. Advice includes questions Moms should ask the obstetrician, making family adjustments to accommodate the new arrivals, infant feeding, individuality issues as they grow, and much more.
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