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Welcome to Your New Journal

How does it work?
The first view of your journal will be a page allowing you to access current journal entries, add new entries or view a display of your personal calendar. If you have already begun using your journal then you will be able to see the current journal entries you have written within the selected date range.

Accessing my journal entries
There are two ways you can access and read your journal entries. The first way is by adjusting your date range on your journal page - this will allow you to find a particular day or a range of dates. Another way to retrieve your entries is by going to your "Personal Calendar" and selecting the particular highlighted entry on the calendar. You will be able to scroll through past and future months and see those entries by clicking the arrows to the right and left of the month.

Creating a new entry
Click on the "Add New Entry" button at the top of the calendar or click the particular date for which you would like to make an entry, then click the "Add New Entry" button. If you have not yet made an entry on that day, you will be taken directly to the "New Journal Entry" page.

Type in a subject and then your entry (remember to occasionally "Save and Continue" if the entry is long). Then, if you wish, select a mood from the pull-down list, or type in your own. You can also select an event or milestone that you and/or your baby or partner may have reached, and any music or sounds you'd like to capture.

Once you are finished, click "Add a Photo" to add a photo from your Photo Album, or "Add Journal Entry" to save the entry and return to the list of that day's journal entries and update, delete, or send the entry to friends and family. Presto! You've just made a keepsake!

Oops, need to make a change? From the calendar view, just select the entry, click update and make your change (be sure to click the "Update Journal Entry" button). You've just rewritten history!



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